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Our Mission

Relic Antiques is dedicated to sourcing and importing top quality European antiques.

All antiques are handpicked by our trusted buyer in Bordeaux, France. The pieces are then inspected by both principle owners, who have over 40 years combined experience in the antique world.

After year of working in the Antique world, Tomasz Dombrowski and Lindsey Brown joined forces to offer high quality antiques at warehouse prices.  

We have traveled throughout France to collect these unique pieces.  We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we do.

As direct importers, we offer top quality French country antiques without any distributor fees whatsoever. And without a retail store, we are able to pass on even more savings directly to you!

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Our Story


After several years working in the world of art and antiques, Tomasz Dombrowski and Lindsey Brown decided to import antiques from France and formed Relic Antiques. Tomasz and Lindsey combine their unique skills to offer high quality, hand picked antiques from France and other countries in Europe. 


As a graduate of the Antique Restoration and Conservation Academy in Krakow, Poland, Tomasz offers his expertise in the world of antiquities to the table. As a certified Conservationist, he has not only restored 16th C and 17th C Cathedrals in Europe, but also countless priceless antiques while living in the United States. He has been restoring antiques for over 25 years. He has owned and operated Antique Treasures Restoration Studio for over 20 years. Tomasz's hands-on experience gives him innate knowledge and understanding of the antiques Relic Antique's buys and sells. Each piece has been restored, stabilized and does not leave our warehouse without being inspected by Tomasz and his team of experts. 

Graduating with a Master's in the Art and Archaeology of Asia from the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies in London, England and a BFA in the Art History from the University of Victoria, BC Canada, Lindsey has alway appreciated and been a student of the arts. More recently, she has studied Interior Design at Arapahoe Community College. She has worked extensively in a number of interior design firms, furniture, decor and antiques stores in Denver, Toronto and Nantucket. She has served on the board of the Asian Art Association at the Denver Art Museum. Lindsey's extensive studies and design experience gives her knowledge and an excellent eye for collecting the antiques Relic Antique's buys and sells. 

Since 2015, Relic Antiques has developed a strong following of clients who truly appreciate being surrounded by beautiful, well-made and timeless antique pieces. Tomasz and Lindsey believe your home decor should be a reflection of who you are and what you love in life, as well as honoring historical treasures made in a previous era.


Antique Treasures Restoration Studio

Tomasz Dombrowski is the owner of Antique Treasures Restoration Studio. He's an artist with 20 years of experience restoring and preserving precious objects from the past.


Tomasz's expertise extends equally to the repair, restoration, and conservation of almost any material including wood, stone, metal, and leather. He's a craftsman par excellence in many techniques including marquetry (wood, ivory, brass and tortoise shell), carving, gilding, faux finishing, and fine French polish.

Antique Treasures Restoration Studio can bring your antiques back to life at our Denver based antique restoration studio.


We love and welcome projects of all sizes!!

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Custom Furniture

Our team at Relic Antiques and Antique Treasures Restoration Studio have extensive professional experience creating custom fine furniture, cabinetry, and unique creations in wood. We excel at customizing vintage and antique furniture and and can also create unique, modern and museum quality furniture and cabinetry that doesn’t exist in any catalog or showroom.

We are well versed in traditional styles from around the world, as well as an increasing amount of contemporary work, and we have created truly one-of-a-kind pieces and suites of furniture for discriminating clients nationwide. 

We love and welcome projects of all sizes!!

Please schedule an appointment with us so we can determine your design needs.





Each culture from every era offers us art and design to admire and cherish. As an avid student of art history, importer of art & antiques, I continue to find beauty in all works of art and design. I love it all. I’ve shared that with you.

LB Art CO is a collection of art, antiques and furniture from years of importing and selling art and antiques, studying interior design and art history (BFA and MA).